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Fagylalt állvány
Ice Cream Stand.png
Nyitvatartás: 1pm to 5pm during Summer
Zárva: WednesdayRain.png Rainy days
Cím: Next to the museum

Alex Icon.png Alex

Robin building.png
„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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The Ice Cream Stand is located directly to the east of the bridge leading towards the Blacksmith shop and the Museum. It is only open during Summer on non-rainy days, when it is not Wednesday, and when Alex is behind the counter from 1pm to 5pm. When it is open, Ice Cream can be purchased, and Haley can often be found next to the stand, making it a good place to look for her during the summer.

If the player marries Alex he will no longer work there and they will not be able to buy Ice Cream. Haley will still go to the shop even if Alex is married.


Image Name Description Purchase Price Energy / Health
Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Nehéz olyat találni, aki ne kedvelné ezt. data-sort-value="250">Gold.png250g Energy.png100Health.png45


  • If the player parks their horse behind the ice cream stand when nobody is there, they can buy ice cream at any time, during any season. The horse must be parked in the correct spot near the center at the back of the stand.