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„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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Forrás Crafting
Eladási ár Nem lehet eladni
Receptforrás(ok) Farming Skill Icon.png Farming (Level 8)
Hozzávalók Wood.png Fa (30)Copper Bar.png Réz rúd (1)Iron Bar.png Vas rúd (1)Oak Resin.png Tölgyfa gyanta (1)
A a detailed analysis of profit using the Keg, lásd Keg Productivity.

The Keg is a type of Artisan Equipment used to make Artisan Goods. A Keg is the reward for completing the Bundle Purple.png Kézműves csomag az éléskamrában or the Bundle Orange.png Brewer's Bundle in the Pantry (Remixed).


Note that processing times are approximate, since time passes differently from 2am to 6am. One hour = 60 minutes from 6am to 2am, but 1 hour = 100 minutes from 2am to 6am. One full day is 1600 minutes, where day is 1200 minutes and night is 400 minutes.

Image Name Description Ingredient Processing Time[1] Sell Price Energy / Health / Buffs
Beer Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. Wheat.png Búza (1) Time Icon.png 1750 mins (1 Day) data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g Energy.png50Health.png22Speed.png Sebesség (−1)
Coffee Finom az illata. Ez majd biztosan felélénkít. Coffee Bean.png Kávébab (5) Time Icon.png 120 mins (2 Hours) data-sort-value="150">Gold.png150g Energy.png3Health.png1Speed.png Sebesség (+1)
Green Tea.png
Green Tea Egy kellemes, energizáló ital gyengéden préselt tealevelekből. Tea Leaves.png Tea levelek (1) Time Icon.png 180 mins (3 Hours) data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g Energy.png13Health.png5Max Energy.png Max Energia (+30)
Juice Egy édes, tápanyagban gazdag ital. Any Vegetable (1) Time Icon.png 6000 mins (4 Days) 2.25 × Vegetable Base Price Energy.png75Health.png33
Mead Egy erjesztett ital, ami mézből készült. Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. Honey.png Méz (1) Time Icon.png 600 mins (10 hours) data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g Energy.png75Health.png33Speed.png Sebesség (−1)
Pale Ale.png
Pale Ale Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. Hops.png Komló (1) Time Icon.png 2250 mins (1-2 Days) data-sort-value="300">Gold.png300g Energy.png50Health.png22Speed.png Sebesség (−1)
Wine Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. Any Fruit (1) Time Icon.png 10000 mins (6.25 Days) 3 × Fruit Base Price Energy.png50Health.png22Speed.png Sebesség (−1)

Preserves Jar vs. Keg

The Preserves Jar increases the profit of a crop using the following equation: (2 × Base Crop Value + 50), while the Keg multiplies the base value of Fruits by 3, and most Vegetables by 2.25. Because of this, low-value high-yield crops like Corn or Tomatoes are more valuable in the preserves jar. The Keg, on the other hand, favors crops with a much higher base value, such as Ancient Fruit or Melons. The breakpoint is data-sort-value="50">Gold.png50g for fruits and data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g for vegetables.

Below is a list of crops that are more beneficial to be put in the Keg, along with their raw base price. Boldfaced items have a base price above data-sort-value="200">Gold.png200g.

Fruits Vegetables

It should be noted that these calculations only involve the value gained in terms of max profit; if looking at profit per day based on the time required, the Preserves Jar will outpace the Keg regardless of the base value of the item (in every case except for Hops, Wheat, and Tea Leaves) since the Preserves Jar has a much shorter processing time.

Storage Options

Farm épületekben

Kegs can be stored in farm buildings.

A Shed, optimally filled with kegs, holds 67 of them, while occupying only 21 tiles of land. An upgraded Big Shed, optimally filled, holds 137 kegs on the same land space. A Barn, however, is cheaper, and holds 90 kegs on 28 tiles of land. The Deluxe Barn increases building costs considerably, but has so far been shown to be able to fit 136 kegs on the same land space as the initial Barn. Coops are cheaper still, but smaller, permitting fewer kegs per tile of external farmland used. Cabins are the cheapest initially, occupy the smallest land area of 15 tiles, but can only hold 42 kegs without upgrades, assuming the cabin is unclaimed and the parsnips and bed must remain. The first level of upgraded cabin can hold 113 kegs at a lower cost than any other option. While the second upgrade significantly raises costs, 352 kegs can be stored in a fully renovated cabin, allowing the largest number of kegs per external farmland used.

Outside The Farm

See also: Crafted goods outside the farm

Kegs can be stored almost anywhere outside the farm. Out of the way places are best as NPCs walking through a keg will destroy it. Other good options not pictured are the Desert and the Railroad.


  1. See Object::performObjectDropInAction in the game code and Data/ObjectInformation.xnb for corresponding items IDs and categories.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Mead Added. Removed Clay from crafting recipe.
  • 1.4: Green Tea Added. Adjusted processing time so that machines process 100 minutes from 2am to 6am, not every hour the player is asleep. Kegs can now be stacked in a player's inventory and in chests.