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„Még mindig sok munkám van”
— Robin

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Monsters are found in the Mines, the Skull Cavern, the Quarry Mine, the Mutant Bug Lair, and the Volcano Dungeon. When killed, Monsters have a chance to drop Monster Loot and a variety of items.

Monsters on The Farm

Monsters can be found at night on The Farm depending on farm type. Monsters are toggled 'on' by default at the start of the game in the Wilderness Map, or by selecting Advanced Option "Spawn monsters on the farm" at new game creation. Offering a Strange Bun to the Dark Shrine of Night Terrors in the Witch's Hut will toggle monsters on/off.

Monsters on The Farm will scale with the player's Combat level. (At higher levels, more difficult monsters will spawn, and the Wilderness Golem becomes more difficult to kill).

Dangerous Monsters

Monsters in the Mines and the Skull Cavern become more dangerous during the Danger in the Deep and Skull Cavern Invasion quests, or while the Shrine of Challenge is toggled to its 'on' position.

Dangerous monsters have unique sprites and stats when compared to their normal counterparts. The Putrid Ghost, Skeleton Mage, and Shadow Sniper also feature unique debuffs.

Szörny lista

A Bányák
Összes szint 1-29 szint 31-39 szint 41-79 szint 81-119 szint
Green Slime.png Green Slime Bug.png BugCave Fly.png Cave FlyDuggy.png DuggyGrub.png GrubRock Crab.png Rock Crab Bat.png BatBug.png BugStone Golem.png Stone Golem Dust Sprite.png Dust SpriteFrost Bat.png Frost BatFrost Jelly.png Frost JellyGhost.png GhostSkeleton.png Skeleton Lava Bat.png Lava BatLava Crab.png Lava CrabMetal Head.png Metal HeadRed Sludge.png Red SludgeShadow Brute.png Shadow BruteShadow Shaman.png Shadow ShamanSquid Kid.png Squid Kid
Skull Cavern Quarry Mine Mutant Bug Lair Volcano Dungeon
Armored Bug.png Armored BugBig Purple Slime.png Big Purple SlimeCarbon Ghost.png Carbon GhostIridium Bat.png Iridium BatIridium Crab.png Iridium CrabLava Bat.png Lava BatMummy.png MummyPepper Rex.png Pepper RexPurple Slime.png Purple SlimeSerpent.png Kígyó Copper Slime.png Copper SlimeHaunted Skull.png Haunted SkullIron Slime.png Iron Slime Mutant Fly.png Mutant FlyMutant Grub.png Mutant Grub Dwarvish Sentry.png Dwarvish SentryFalse Magma Cap.png False Magma CapHot Head.png Hot HeadLava Lurk.png Lava LurkMagma Sprite.png Magma SpriteMagma Sparker.png Magma SparkerMagma Duggy.png Magma DuggyTiger Slime.png Tiger Slime
Wilderness Farm
All Combat Levels Combat Level 0-3 Combat Level 4-7 Combat Level 8-9 Combat Level 10
Bat.png BatWilderness Golem.png Wilderness Golem Green Slime.png Green Slime Frost Jelly.png Frost JellyFrost Bat.png Frost Bat(Combat Level 5+) Red Sludge.png Red SludgeFrost Bat.png Frost BatLava Bat.png Lava BatShadow Brute.png Shadow Brute Purple Slime.png Purple SlimeFrost Bat.png Frost BatLava Bat.png Lava BatIridium Bat.png Iridium BatShadow Brute.png Shadow BruteSerpent.png Kígyó
Dangerous Mines
All Floors Floors 1-29 Floors 31-39
Green Slime Dangerous.png Dangerous Slimes (all colors)Haunted Skull Dangerous.png Haunted Skull Dangerous(on dungeon floors) Blue Squid.png Blue SquidBug Dangerous.png Bug DangerousDuggy Dangerous.png Duggy DangerousRock Crab Dangerous.png Rock Crab Dangerous Bat Dangerous.png Bat DangerousBug Dangerous.png Bug DangerousCarbon Ghost.png Carbon GhostStone Golem Dangerous.png Stone Golem Dangerous
Floors 41-69 Floors 71-79 Floors 81-119
Grub Dangerous.png Grub DangerousCave Fly Dangerous.png Cave Fly DangerousDust Sprite Dangerous.png Dust Sprite DangerousFrost Bat Dangerous.png Frost Bat DangerousPutrid Ghost.png Putrid GhostSpider.png SpiderStick Bug.png Stick Bug Skeleton Dangerous.png Skeleton DangerousSkeleton Mage Dangerous.png Skeleton Mage DangerousHaunted Skull Dangerous.png Haunted Skull Dangerous Lava Bat.png Lava BatLava Crab Dangerous.png Lava Crab DangerousMetal Head Dangerous.png Metal Head DangerousShadow Brute Dangerous.png Shadow Brute DangerousShadow Shaman Dangerous.png Shadow Shaman DangerousShadow Sniper.png Shadow SniperSquid Kid Dangerous.png Squid Kid Dangerous
Dangerous Skull Cavern
Armored Bug Dangerous.png Armored Bug DangerousMummy Dangerous.png Mummy DangerousRoyal Serpent.png Nemes kígyóPurple Slime Dangerous.png Purple Slime DangerousSquid Kid Dangerous.png Squid Kid Dangerous


  • 1.1: Added Mutant Grub, Mutant Fly, Wilderness Golem.
  • 1.3.27: Added Carbon Ghost, Iridium Bat, and Iridium Crab.
  • 1.4: Added Copper Slime, Haunted Skull, Iron Slime, Pepper Rex.
  • 1.5: Added Blue Squid, Dwarvish Sentry, False Magma Cap, Hot Head, Lava Lurk, Magma Duggy, Magma Sprite, Magma Sparker, Putrid Ghost, Royal Serpent, Shadow Sniper, Skeleton Mage, Spider, Stick Bug, Tiger Slime, Dangerous versions of monsters.