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Question about syntax 01

Hello Margotbean,

I feel a bit confused about the naming of the items in the infoboxes.

  • The day before yesterday you corrected my edit in Coffee Bean from "name = Coffee Bean" to "eng = Coffee Bean". It is a simple Infobox. I thought it is general. So I corrected the infoboxes of every item I edited.
  • Today you corrected my edit in Triple Shot Expresso from "eng = Triple Shot Expresso2 to "name = Tripla eszpresszó". It is an infobox cooking. So it differs from the above.

Is there a rule to differentiate between infoboxes regarding naming? What you suggest me to follow? Where to use "eng" with english name and where to use "name" with the hungarian.

I hope you can help me in the topic.

Thank you for your reply.

Mihokjol (vita) 2022. július 6., 19:04 (UTC)

Oh boy... I know it's confusing, and all infobox templates should be the same. Unfortunately they're not. Sablon:Infobox and Sablon:Infobox fish require "eng" to work properly. Sablon:Infobox cooking requires "name" because it is transcluded onto other pages. I think (without checking them all) that most others will accept "name" and "image" --or-- "eng" without problems. Sablon:Infobox cooking is the odd one.
You can check the documentation on the English page, there is a link on every Template page, and that may help. The documentation should tell you which to use. If you find an error in the documentation, I can update it! :)
I hope this helps... margotbean (vita) 2022. július 7., 14:13 (UTC)

Question about syntax 02

Hello Margotbean,

I started to translate the page Travelling Cart. The cart itself offers plenty of items from which many are automatically translated. The other half are not done so. These are mainly the furnitures. The situation is the same on the Furnitures page. Or if I edit a page of a specific furniture, e.g.: Country Lamp in English it shows the image, but in hungarian no. Vidéki lámpa With this I have to edit (translate) at least in three places the same information for all of the furnitures. I know I can do it by adding |alt=Vidéki lámpa|. But three times...

Can this be solved somehow? Can I do it somehow? For Recipes there is a working solution with |RecipeRow.

Thanks for the reply. Mihokjol (vita) 2022. július 8., 12:55 (UTC)

Sablon:Name needs to be updated to v1.5. If all furniture is added to Sablon:Name, then that will solve the problem for the Traveling Cart and the Furniture pages. For individual pages like "Vidéki lámpa", you have to add "image" to the infobox, there's no way to make it easier.
Do you have access to the game's data files? If not, there are instructions about how to 'unpack' them here (in English):
After that, the file will contain all the English and Hungarian names. It can be opened in any text editor. For me, I put them in a spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel) and tweak them there, then copy/paste the final version into templates like Sablon:Name and Sablon:Description. Doing all that is on my "to do" list, but there's been so little activity on the Hungarian wiki, it got moved down the list, and I haven't done it yet.
I can do it if it sounds like too much to you! Please let me know, so we're not both working on the same thing. Also, let me know if anything I've said is unclear. Thank you! margotbean (vita) 2022. július 8., 14:17 (UTC)

Double item in Furniture Catalogue

Hello Margotbean,

I think there is a doubled item in the Furniture Catalogue. The Cloud Decal mentioned twice among the Unavailable Furnitures. The links lead to the same page. I do not know the intention, it seems an error. Mihokjol (vita) 2022. július 10., 12:26 (UTC)

There are two different cloud decals, and neither is available from the furniture catalogue. I suppose both of them could be listed on one line, but it looks better to have them on two lines (especially on narrow screens like mobile phones). That's the only reason, it's not an error. You can format the Hungarian page differently if you like. :) margotbean (vita) 2022. július 10., 14:44 (UTC)

Question about syntax 03

Hello Margotbean,

Both of us edited the hungarian version of Coffe Makera few days ago. Exactly you corrected my edit regarding name in the infobox (from name to eng). My only concern about this is that the description is not shown below the picture. I think I tried everything to make the text show up but no succes. I added the missing description line to the hungarian Sablon:Description page as well. Without succes. Is there a thing I missed here? I faced the same issue editing the Cookout Kit

Thanks for the reply Mihokjol (vita) 2022. július 15., 20:04 (UTC)

Hello Mihokjol!
There was a typo in Sablon:Description, that's all. I've fixed it, so the description now shows on the Kávéfőző page.
The rest of the items need to be added to the template; this has been on my "to do" list ever since I updated Sablon:Name, but it's been a busy week! I will try to do this today, since I have the unpacked data files.
If you are able and have the time, you can add descriptions too! Just make sure they appear before }}</onlyinclude>. You did well, so don't worry. Thank you! margotbean (vita) 2022. július 16., 15:00 (UTC)
As I examined your edit I realized that my addition was out of the closing tag of the onlyinclude. Of course I will add descriptions where it is needed. Where to get the translations of the descriptions from? Is it the data file you mentioned? Thanks for the help. Mihokjol (vita) 2022. július 16., 19:46 (UTC)
Yes, I unpacked the data files by following the instructions at
It may seem like a lot, but you really only need to download one program, and run it. Then find the unpacked folder. All the data files can be opened in a text editor. :) margotbean (vita) 2022. július 17., 14:05 (UTC)

Hungarian front page

Hello! The text "Sziget irodá" on the hungarian wiki page beyond the valley is incorrect. In hungarian, this phrase is not meaningful because it is only a part of a inflected form of a word. The Hungarian word "irodája" in the translation means "the office of someone", for example: "this is my boss's office, mine is the next one". Therefore, the correct form should be 'Sziget iroda'. Kroszki (vita) 2023. május 13., 16:11 (UTC)

Hello Kroszki! Thank you for the translation! I've fixed the main page, and all links to the page in other languages. Cheers!! margotbean (vita) 2023. május 14., 01:02 (UTC)

Fruit tree saplings

Hello Margotbean, Actually I am translating the tree related wiki pages. Every fruit tree grows from a sapling, all of them are translated to hungarian well, but the Mango Sapling. All the trasnlations are made up of the name of the tree followed by the word sapling. E.g.: Apple sapling = Almafa csemete. For Mango Sapling it is just Mangó csemete. If we want to be consistent, the appropriate translation would be "Mangófa csemete". Thank you if you think this over. M. Mihokjol (talk) 16:42, 26 June 2023

Hello Mihokjol! Unfortunately the wiki has to follow the game, so the inconsistency has to be fixed in the game first. This problem also affects Banana Tree, so I think different translators were used for v1.5 than for other versions of the game, and they didn't check the other tree sapling names before doing their work. 🤨
There is a dedicated thread on the official forums for reporting bad translations. Please go to and make a bug report, so maybe it will be fixed in v1.6. margotbean (vita) 2023. június 27., 18:25 (UTC)
Hello Margotbean, Thanks for your answer. One year ago I posted there about the 'Vörös tábla' issue, we dicussed previously. But there is still no answer. I think I will not post another issue for nothing. So the inconsisteny will remain with us. ;)
Hello Margotbean,
My next question is probably somehow related with this thread, so that is why I continue here.
I translated all of the wikipages of the fruit trees and all of the saplings. But the infoboxes for the fruit trees show the sapling name without the hungarian word fa which results in wrong linking. Except the ones mentioned above (Mango and Banana). An example: the infobox for the Sárgabarackfa should contain the link for the Sárgabarackfa csemete (the page exists) but it shows the link for a non-existing page of "Sárgabarack csemete". Can I edit those linkings between the tree and the sapling somewhere?
Ah yes, this is an easy fix. Open Sablon:Name in edit mode, then Ctrl+F to search for "cherry sapling" (without quotes). Change the translation between the brackets. Repeat for all 6 saplings that have bad translations. It may take a few minutes for the pages to update, but they will update automatically. (Hit Ctrl+F5 to refresh the fruit tree pages if they don't update within 5 minutes.)
Let me know if you have any issues with it! margotbean (vita) 2023. július 2., 22:19 (UTC)
Hello, It worked without any issues, thanks.

Non translated clothing

Hello Margotbean, If I found a non translated clothing name in the file, do I need to report it in the official forum? This is all about: "1297": "Island Bikini/Island Bikini/A Fern Islands classic./299/-1/50/255 195 0/true/Shirt/Sleeveless", Thx for the answer! Mihokjol (vita) 2023. július 16., 15:41 (UTC)

Hello Mihokjol! Please start signing your posts with 4 tildes (~~~~) so I know who's asking the question!
If you take a look at the forums, they have changed. They added separate threads for each language, so translators have an easier time finding and fixing problems.
If you go to you can see that it's already been reported.
Have a great morning/day/evening!! margotbean (vita) 2023. július 16., 13:48 (UTC)
Hello, This is a very good way of improvement of the forums. I like it. Thanks for the info. Formerly the signiture was added automatically. Mihokjol (vita) 2023. július 16., 15:55 (UTC)

Large Goat Milk

Hello Margotbean,
I would like to translate the Large Goat Milk, but the hungarian page says that you made modifications on that Nagy kecsketej. I can create the page as far as I can see, but am I allowed to do so?
Thx for your reply
Mihokjol (vita) 2023. július 30., 15:26 (UTC)

Yes, yes, please feel free to create the page. The page I deleted was a redirect from lower-case "Nagy kecsketej" to upper-case "Nagy Kecsketej", because the "K" was capitalized in the data files. The oddity was corrected in the data files, so the redirect was no longer necessary. Thus, the page was no longer necessary, and I deleted it.
Now is a good time to create and translate the page. :) Thank you so much for your hard work on the wiki!! margotbean (vita) 2023. július 30., 18:19 (UTC)

Talk: pages

Hello Margotbean,
Actually I am translating the wikipage about the pigs. On the English page in the references section, there is link to the english language Talk page talk page. In the hungarian version I could not find such a page. I think it is because the talk itself was in English. So if I want to leave as it is, the original link will not work.
So how should I handle this? Is there a way to link English pages to the Hungarian wikipage?
Mihokjol (vita) 2023. július 31., 20:39 (UTC)

Hello Mihokjol! Yes, there is an easy way to link to pages in other languages. [[:en:Talk:Pigs#Truffles Per Day]]
If you want it to look fancy, you can add [[:en:Talk:Pigs#Truffles Per Day|link text here]]. Just make sure to add a colon : before the "en" at the left!
--margotbean (vita) 2023. július 31., 22:03 (UTC)

Translation of the Special Orders

Hello Margotbean,
Can you help me where can I find the translations of Special Order Quests? This section of the Küldetések page is not translated
Thanks in advance
Mihokjol (vita) 2023. augusztus 12., 16:23 (UTC)

Hello Mihokjol! That information is in Content/Strings/ Good luck! margotbean (vita) 2023. augusztus 12., 19:41 (UTC)

Uploading Hungarian pictures

Hello Margotbean,
How and where to upload the Hungarian pictures, which for example means that we receive a letter for the Tojás Fesztivál?

Hello! I've answered your question on the English talk page. I believe you must be logged in to the English wiki to upload the image. Just choose "Upload image" and name it "Egg Festival Mail HU.png". You can do it!
Please remember to type 4 tildes ~~~~ to sign your posts here on my talk page! Thanks! margotbean (vita) 2024. február 18., 18:31 (UTC)

There are 2 Növekedési naptár

Today morning I created a new site (övekedési_naptárak). Now I found out, that there is another page for this (és_növekedési_naptárak). Can you delete the one, that I created today? My regards, Balaz77 (vita) 2024. március 17., 15:11 (UTC)

Hello Balaz77! I will delete the page. In the future, you can place {{Delete}} at the top of the page so I know it should be deleted.
Can you also please please please add language links to new pages? For example, on the Százszorszép page, in English (Daisy) at the bottom you see
[[ko:민들레 (모자)]]
Would you copy all that and add it to the bottom of the page in Hungarian?
After, delete the hu link ([[hu:Százszorszép]] and add the en link [[en:Daisy]] after the es link?
If you look at Speciális:Friss változtatások, new pages are marked with a Ú, so you can see which pages need language links. Thank you very much, and thank you for all your hard work on the wiki!! margotbean (vita) 2024. március 17., 15:29 (UTC)
I corrected them! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. március 17., 19:59 (UTC)
Thank you thank you thank you!! margotbean (vita) 2024. március 18., 16:29 (UTC)

How to change the Sablon:RecipeRow's information (Queen of Sauce)?

I'm translating the Kertészkedés page, but I can't change the Teljes reggeli's Queen of Sauce information. Can you help me do that? The correct formatting in Hungarian in this case is 'Year. Év, Tavasz=spring / Nyár=summer / Ősz=fall / Tél=winter Date. Napja If you could write down how to change it, or just change all of these recipes' Queen of Sauce info, it would be great! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. április 6., 21:32 (UTC)

Hello Balaz! If you change the original page, it will automatically update wherever Sablon:RecipeRow is used. So, to change the entry for "Teljes reggeli", edit the Teljes reggeli page. The Kertészkedés page will update automatically. (It may take some time, because there are a LOT of users on the wiki since v1.6 released, but it will update eventuaally!) margotbean (vita) 2024. április 7., 16:57 (UTC)
Thx! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. április 7., 16:59 (UTC)

Searchability of pages

On the English site, both plural and singular versions of each page are available (Fruit Tree vs Fruit Trees). This helps the search, because you don't have to type in the exact plural form, you can search for the singular form. What is the policy for this on the Hungarian site? If different from English, why? Thank you! Connorhu (vita) 2024. június 14., 08:14 (UTC)

Hello Connorhu! People like to create redirects on the English wiki, and I keep deleting them. I may be behind schedule since v1.6 released, but I do delete unnecessary redirects! The ones I keep are from a lower-case variant of a term to an upper-case variant. Those aid in searching, while singular forms do not. (Type in the search box, and the plural form pops up nicely, depending on how heavy the wiki traffic is)
So, the rules are the same across all wikis. Thanks for your comment! margotbean (vita) 2024. június 14., 14:44 (UTC)

Spelling mistakes in page names

What is the best way to correct spelling mistakes in page names? Eg:

  • Ács Műhely, Hal Bolt ⇒ Ácsműhely, Halbolt
  • Folyó Út 1, Folyó Út 2, Fűzfa Köz 1, Fűzfa Köz 2, Hegyi Út 24 ⇒ "út" and "köz" is lowercase
  • Varázsló Torony (Wizard's Tower) ⇒ A Varázsló tornya

The game uses the correctly spelled forms. Thank you! Connorhu (vita) 2024. június 17., 10:18 (UTC)

The best thing it to leave me a message so I can move the pages and preserve the page history. I've fixed the pages you mentioned, please let me know if/when there are more. Thanks! margotbean (vita) 2024. június 17., 15:38 (UTC)
Thank you! At NavboxBuildings template you can find more renaming suggestions: Hal Bolt ⇒ Halbolt etc. Connorhu (vita) 2024. június 26., 08:35 (UTC)
There is also a problem about spelling mistakes. Some pages do not yet exist in Hungarian, but in the other languages there is a link at the language box. These links may be incorrect. When I create a page, I check how to spell it correctly, but since I don't have a user registered in the other languages, I can't edit them (I don't even want editing rights for the other languages, that would just lead to trouble). What should I do with these pages? Should I make a redirect page, or should I write a list of the new pages where the other languages are incorrectly linked? (Also sorry about the language link mistakes. I try to pay more attention to these so you don't have to deal with them.) Ah I see now that you have made a redirect (eg Slime_Incubator). So should I do this by default and make the redirect page? Connorhu (vita) 2024. június 28., 18:34 (UTC)
I hate to tell you this, Connor, but you already have editing rights in all 12 languages, because your username and password are the same for all 12 wikis! :D But, I understand your concerns. Please create redirects (on the Hungarian wiki) from the bad spelling/translations to the correct ones. Someday I may be able to change all languages' links so the redirects aren't necessary... *sigh* Until then, redirects would be great! Thanks so much! margotbean (vita) 2024. június 29., 15:53 (UTC)
I did'n see that coming. So the login session does not apply to the other subdomains. I see. Thank you! Connorhu (vita) 2024. június 29., 16:43 (UTC)
I did the first edit where I changed the references to the new name for the other languages. Is there anything I should pay attention to in the future? Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 7., 16:32 (UTC)
Nope, just make sure the other languages can get to the page in Hungarian! You're doing great!! margotbean (vita) 2024. július 7., 17:30 (UTC)

I found another one of these. The Tufanedv Erdő is wrong, in the game it's spelled Tufanedv-erdő. I have created a redirect to the page Tufanedv-erdő. I just wanted to inform you about this. Have a nice day! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. július 4., 15:13 (UTC)

Thank you very much!! margotbean (vita) 2024. július 4., 15:59 (UTC)
Oh, I forgot to mention that it is on the home page on the wiki in the Völgy section. Can you edit it, if you have time, please? Thank you! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. július 4., 17:28 (UTC)
Done! margotbean (vita) 2024. július 4., 21:31 (UTC)
Thank you so much! And have a good night! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. július 4., 22:05 (UTC)

And I am back here. I have found two of the same mistakes: It is not Gyömbér sziget, it is Gyömbér-sziget and it is not A varázsló tornya, it is A Varázsló tornya. If you can, please correct these on the main page! Thank you so much! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. július 5., 18:36 (UTC)

OK, they are fixed! Thanks, margotbean (vita) 2024. július 5., 19:03 (UTC)

Hi again! :D I am back with the same problem, I have noticed the Szörnyetegek page's name is incorrect. It should be Szörnyek. I redirrected the Szörnyetegek page to Szörnyek. Can you please change the page name on the main page? Thank you so much! Balaz77 (vita) 2024. július 5., 21:38 (UTC)

Hello again! I changed it, please let me know when you find others. Thanks! margotbean (vita) 2024. július 6., 07:36 (UTC)
Hi! On the main page Sziget iroda is not right, it should be Szigeti iroda. I redirected it to that page. Balaz77 (vita) 2024. július 6., 13:08 (UTC)

Hello Margotbean! I think a lot about article renaming. If this process can be done here only and exclusively by you (no dedicated user privileges), then there should be some solution to the problem that makes me self-service and not burden you (immediately). Mostly, this renaming problem occurs when I translate/correct an article. Let's take Mr. Qi as an example. In English it is Mister Qi. This is anything but good. If you want to spell it Mister and not Mister, but the game itself uses Mr. Qi, so it should be Mr. Qi here. If I fix it in the article where I run into this, I can do it by linking to the wrong one, but making the anchor tag text the right one. The problem with this is that I have to come back later to fix it again. I think the good solution would be to I create a redirect page with the good anchor tag, categorize it as say "Correctly named". Why is this useful? When I create the page I can link to it, I can even immediately correct all the bad links. I don't have to wait for you to do it and you don't have to rename it ASAP. You see what needs to be renamed and what it needs to be renamed to. When you do the rename, you delete the redirect page and do the move. If the wrong page is not linked to, you can do the move without the redirect page. What do you think? Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 12., 20:00 (UTC)

Hello Connor! I agree with you completely, it would be better for you to move the pages and create redirects yourself. I've requested this permission for you. It is the weekend, though, so please be patient in awaiting a response from the server people.
Once you are added to the "translator" group, you will be able to move pages and create or suppress a redirect. You will also be auto-patrolled, which means your edits won't have a little red exclamation point next to them on my screen. So, if you want my attention, you may have to leave a message on my talk page, so I get an alert.
Please be sure to check the data files for official translations, and report any errors! And be sure to discuss any template changes before making them (other than fixing translations)!
Thank you for all your hard work on all 12 wikis, I appreciate it and the entire wiki community appreciates it!
Let me know if you have any questions, as always. 👍 margotbean (vita) 2024. július 13., 16:50 (UTC)
Thank you very much for your trust! I'll only do renames that I'm 100% sure of (either conflict with the game terminology or contain spelling mistakes). I have a question right away. What about the desert? I did find the name Calico in the game translations, but for years I played the game without knowing it had a name. Everywhere just referred to it as Desert. The various languages on wiki use desert and calico desert mixed. My opinion is that I would change the name of the (hungarian) article to desert and refer to it everywhere as just desert because it is more compact.
Otherwise, if it's a process to name everywhere as calico desert and that is the preferred name, then it will stay that way, I'll just correct the spelling mistake. The English page solution also make it so that there is desert and there is calico desert and calico is just a redirection. Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 13., 17:56 (UTC)
It's your choice! Either is fine, whatever you think is best. Or easiest. Either way, you decide. :D margotbean (vita) 2024. július 13., 19:17 (UTC)
Yasss! :D Thank you! Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 13., 20:53 (UTC)

first letter of a string

I have created my first template which will hopefully help me to generate the content of the dyeing chapter (I will later use the same for the tailoring chapter). In Hungarian there is a rule that if a word starts with a consonant letter you have to write " a " before it, if it starts with a vowel (a,á,e,é,u,ú,ü,ű,ö,ő,i,í letters) you have to write " az " before it. What tool can I use to read the first character of a word? As far as I can see, string module is not available, so I may have to write my own module for it (which is totally fine, because it will be reusable). Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 9., 10:29 (UTC)

I'm sorry, Connor, but template changes (including creating new templates) need to be discussed before making the changes. All templates need to be roughly the same in all languages, so a new template just for Hungarian would not be permitted. I'm afraid you'll have to manually copy/paste the text and change the details for specific pages, if you wish to do so. I hate to squash your enthusiasm, but the rules outlined on the Segítség:Szerkesztés page exist so that I can realistically manage 12 language wikis. Again, I'm sorry. margotbean (vita) 2024. július 9., 16:15 (UTC)
The Categoryheader does exactly what I want with the dyeing template. Thanks anyway. Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 9., 16:31 (UTC)

category translations

Hello Margotbean! My next idea: sheet I've written a simple script that finds the same category name for each category on the other pages, so that it can be referenced in the category pages for the other languages (I will generate the links based on the sheet). Is this useful? Should I continue? Is it possible to ask the translators of the other pages to check if I have found the right category name? What do you think? Connorhu (vita) 2024. július 15., 20:22 (UTC)

Well, it's not a bad idea, but the person it would help the most is me... So I think the majority of people would benefit more if you concentrated on translating pages. Having said that, I don't see what it would hurt, as long as you're not translating categories that don't exist yet into languages that you don't know very well. If it's something you really want to do, feel free. Thank you, margotbean (vita) 2024. július 15., 23:51 (UTC)