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Robin building.png
„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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The Wallet shown on the Skills Tab

A Pénztárca a játékos tárgymanüjében a Képességek fül alatt van, és különleges tárgyakat tárol.

Különleges tárgyak

Kép Név Felhasználható Fellelhető
Dwarvish Translation Guide.png
Dwarvish Translation Guide Unlocks the ability to speak to the Dwarf in The Mines and the dwarf in the Volcano Dungeon. Reward from the Museum after donating all 4 dwarf scrolls.
Rusty Key.png
Rusty Key Used to enter The Sewers. Received from Gunther the day after donating 60 items to the Museum.
Club Card.png
Club Card Used to enter the Casino. Completing the "The Mysterious Qi" Quest.
Special Charm.png
Special Charm Permanently increases daily Luck. From the driver in the truck outside JojaMart (or the Movie Theater if The Missing Bundle is completed) after finding Secret Note #20 after giving him a Rabbit's Foot.
Skull Key.png
Skull Key Unlocks the door to the Skull Cavern and unlocks the Junimo Kart machine in The Stardrop Saloon. From the chest on floor 120 of The Mines.
Magnifying Glass.png
Magnifying Glass Unlocks the ability to find Secret Notes. After completing the "A Winter Mystery" Quest.
Dark Talisman.png
Dark Talisman Quest item From the chest in the Mutant Bug Lair.
Magic Ink.png
Magic Ink Quest item Found on a table in the Witch's Hut.
Bear's Knowledge.png
Bear's Knowledge Increases sell price of blackberries and salmonberries by 3x. Bringing Maple Syrup into the Secret Woods after finding Secret Note #23.
Spring Onion Mastery.png
Spring Onion Mastery Increases sell price of Spring Onions by 5x. After triggering Vincent / Jas' 8 heart event.
Key To The Town.png
Key To The Town Allows access to all buildings in town, at any time of day (with some restrictions). Bought from Qi's Walnut Room for data-sort-value="20">Qi Gem.png 20 Qi Gems.