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„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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Slime Hutch
Slime Hutch.png
Maximum 20 ragacsnak. A vályút vízzel megtöltve ragacs labdákat készítenek.
Építési költség: data-sort-value="10000">Gold.png10 000g
Építőanyagok: Stone.png  (500) Refined Quartz.png Finomított kvarc (10) Iridium Bar.png Irídium rúd (1)
Állatok: Green Slime.png Slimes (any type)
Kapacitás: 20
Méret: 7x4

The Ragacs ketrec is a farm building purchasable from Robin at the Carpenter's Shop that stores up to 20 Slimes.


After purchasing the Slime Hutch, Marlon will visit the player, providing them with a Slime Egg to start breeding Slimes.

The Slime Hutch contains 4 water troughs which can be filled by the player in order for the Slimes to produce Slime Balls.

Slimes in the hutch will attack the player; obtaining the Slime Charmer Ring will prevent damage and debuffs from the Slimes. Slimes in a Slime Hutch do not award Combat XP.

A Random Event can occur whereby a Witch turns all the slimes in a hutch into Black/Transparent Slimes.

The Slime Hutch must contain at least five slimes before producing Slime Balls.

Ragacs tojás

Occasionally slimes will drop Slime Eggs. These can be used in the Slime Hutch to hatch into Slimes. There are currently 5 kinds of Slime Eggs which will hatch into their respective slime colors/patterns: green, blue, red, purple, and tiger.

Eggs can also be generated for the hutch by using 100 Slime in a Slime Egg-Press. While 4 colors can be obtained this way (excluding Tiger Slime eggs), green eggs have a much greater chance of being produced.



Sometimes, a Female slime might mate with a Male slime (which have the round antenna). If both slimes show a heart, they will create a baby slime (same HP as the parents, half the size). One might have a heart and the other an exclamation mark, which means the latter refused the advances of the former.

Párosodási színek eredményei

The game generates a random pick from the following table. Each of the red, green, and blue color components of the slime is calculated independently of the other colors using the values from the parent Slimes. The most likely pick has a random chance of two outcomes per color component, also calculated independently of the other components. [1]

Chance Each Color Component (Red, Green, or Blue)
25% Male Parent Component +/- random 25%
25% Female Parent Component +/- random 25%
50% 50%: Maximum of (Male Parent Component or Female Parent Component)
50%: Average of (Male Parent Component and Female Parent Component)


  • Slime Balls will not spawn on crafted flooring.
  • Placing a Wicked Statue inside the slime hutch prevents the Witch from cursing it.
  • The interior is 16*8 (128 tiles), with 7 occupied tiles on the inside, and 1 blocked tile under the existing incubator that cannot be used to place items, leaving 120 tiles of usable space remaining. This leaves around 13*8 (104 tiles) of space to use for other purposes (kegs, preserves jars, etc.) while still being able to effectively house (and water) 20 slimes.

Biztonságos farm a Ragacs ketrec számára

Three useful items can added inside the hutch: Pathway blockers, sprinklers, and flooring. First, arranging fences, statues, or other pathway blockers will isolate the Slimes, making the building safer to enter. The trapped Slimes will still be able to reproduce, and their offspring will also be in isolation; this also applies to the Slime Incubator. Slimes do not physically need to reach the water source, so enclosing them anywhere will do. Note that fencing will still decay as usual. Second, sprinklers can be used to automatically water troughs. Sprinklers inside the Slime Hutch work on any farm, including the Beach Farm. Third, Slime Balls cannot spawn on top of crafted flooring, so it can be used to choose where Slime Balls spawn.

Example design for Safe Slime Hutch Farm

Belső képek

Slime Hutch Interior


  • Loading a standard save file will prevent slimes in the hutch from breeding until the next morning. Additionally, any troughs that were still filled from the previous day will now be empty and must be refilled (slime ball production for that day is not affected as this happens while you sleep).
  • On mobile versions of the game, loading a middle-of-the-day save file (either an Emergency Save or a Backup Save), causes all water troughs to be prematurely emptied. Therefore, Slime Balls will never spawn the following morning. To reliably produce Slime Balls on mobile versions of the game, it is best to fill water troughs at the end of the day, shortly before going to sleep.


  1. See GreenSlime::mateWith in the game code.