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„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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Fortune Teller

Luck Luck.png is a statistic that affects many different aspects of the game, such as the chance of finding geodes and chance of getting treasure from Fishing. There are several sources of luck: daily luck determined by the game, buffs gained from eating certain food and drink, a Special Charm which gives a small permanent luck boost, and the Lucky Ring.

Napi szerencse

The base value for daily luck is a randomly generated number from -0.1 (unlucky) to 0.1 (lucky).[1] The value is increased by 0.025 with the Special Charm. The value is used in numerous ways; though it looks like a percentage equal to 10%, it is in fact treated differently in every situation and may have a minuscule or enormous effect depending on the activity.

Daily luck can be checked by right-clicking on the Television and selecting "Fortune Teller." The Fortune Teller will give an indication of the daily luck stat modifier. Luck is determined at the start of the day and is not affected by choosing to view the Fortune Teller Television Program. Daily luck does not change if the day is restarted, but it can change by replaying the previous day.

Before revealing the luck message, one of the following messages is shown randomly (the first two being gender-specific). They do not affect the luck in any way.

„Ah... I sense that a new viewer has joined us. A young man from... Stardew Valley? Welcome, welcome!”
„Ah... I sense that a new viewer has joined us. A young lady from... Stardew Valley? Welcome, welcome!”
„Ah... yes, I can hear the spirits whispering something to me... ”
„Welcome back to 'Welwick's Oracle'... If you seek hidden knowledge of the future, well you've come to the right place.”
„Hoo.. I see a glimmer within my scrying orb... A shard of knowledge from the future!”
„Welcome to Welwick's Oracle... the ONLY show where the voice of the spirits is channeled directly... to YOU.”
Message TV Display Stat Bonus [2]
The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune. LuckStar.gif Luck.png Szerencse (> +0.07)
The spirits are in good humor today. I think you'll have a little extra luck. LuckPyramid.gif Luck.png Szerencse (> +0.02 and ≤ +0.07)
The spirits feel neutral today. The day is in your hands. LuckSwirlingLights.gif Luck.png Szerencse (≥ -0.02 and ≤ +0.02, but not 0)
This is rare. The spirits feel absolutely neutral today. LuckSwirlingLights.gif Luck.png Szerencse (0)
The spirits are somewhat annoyed today. Luck will not be on your side.

The spirits are somewhat mildly perturbed today. Luck will not be on your side.

LuckBat.gif Luck.png Szerencse (≥ -0.07 and < -0.02)
The spirits are very displeased today. They will do their best to make your life difficult. LuckSkull.gif Luck.png Szerencse (< -0.07)

Különös amulett

After reading Secret Note #20 and solving the puzzle depicted, the player is awarded with a Special Charm that permanently increases daily Luck by 0.025.

Napi szerencsehatások

Daily luck affects the following:

  • Chance of treasure chests appearing while Fishing.
  • Chance to double the number of crops yielded at harvest. Works for any crop, and a unique "dwoop" sound effect plays if this occurs as the result of a luck-based check[4].
  • Drop chance of Duck Feather and Rabbit's Foot from animals.
  • Amount of wood dropped from trees.
  • Quality and number of ores obtained from panning.
  • Chance of getting a second item (in addition to ore) from panning.
  • Chance of getting items from Garbage Cans and the chance the item is not trash.
  • Chance the spouse will be jealous after giving a gift to another marriage candidate that the player is also currently dating.
  • Results of playing slots at the Casino.
  • Amount of lightning during a storm (higher luck increases the amount)[5].
  • Chance of a tree being struck by lighting (higher luck decreases the chance)[5].


Luck Buffs are temporary bonuses gained from consuming certain food and drink or by wearing the Lucky Ring. Only one drink-derived buff and one food-derived buff can be active at a given time. A buff of +2 for example may have similar effects to a daily luck value of 0.1, though it is treated differently in every situation and may have a minuscule or enormous effect depending on the activity.

The following food and drink provide a temporary luck buff:

Kép Név Leírás Hozzávalók Energia / Életerő Állapothatás Állapothatás időtartama A recept forrása Eladási ár

Banana Pudding Fried Eel Ginger Ale Lucky Lunch Pumpkin Soup Shrimp Cocktail Spicy Eel

Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy Egy ritka és erős cukor, ami a prizmás töredék erejével van átitatva. N/A Energy.png500Health.png225 Mining.png Bányászás (+2)Luck.png Szerencse (+5)Speed.png Sebesség (+1)Defense.png Védelem (+5)Attack.png Támadás (+5) Time Icon.png 8m 24s N/A data-sort-value="5000">Gold.png5 000g

The following ring gives a luck buff:

Image Name Description Effect Where to Find Ingredients Purchase Price Sell Price
Lucky Ring.png
Lucky Ring A rajta lévő hold embléma állítólag jó szerencsét hoz viselőjének. Increases Luck.png Luck by +1. Dropped as a special item in the Skull Cavern, or rarely by panning. N/A N/A data-sort-value="100">Gold.png100g

Luck Buff Effects

Total luck buff is treated separately from total daily luck, and the effects of the two types of luck are not automatically the same; both the types of events affected by luck buffs and the magnitude of the effect can be different.

Known differences between daily luck and luck buffs include:


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