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Buffs are temporary boosts or drains on the player's stats and abilities. They can be achieved by consuming various foods and drinks, or from monster attacks.

Combining Buffs

In general, buffs do not stack, but instead replace any previous buffs. More specifically, buffs from exactly one food and one drink can be active at a given time. There are some special-effect buffs that are handled separately as described below.[1] Eating a food with buffs will wipe out any buffs from previously-eaten food (but not buffs from a previous drink); one drink's buffs will replace any previous drink's buffs, but have no effect on existing food buffs. Foods or drinks that have no buffs (but restore Health and Energy) can be safely consumed without any effect on active buffs.

Only three buffs, namely Luck, Speed, and Max Energy, are available from both food and drink and can therefore be stacked:

  • +1 Speed from Coffee or Triple Shot Espresso can be added to the +1 Speed from a food.
  • +30 Max Energy from Green Tea can be added to the +30 to +50 Max Energy from a food.
  • +1 Luck from Ginger Ale can be added to the +1, +2, +3, or +5 Luck from a food.

Special-effect and negative buffs ("debuffs") are each handled individually, independently of standard food- and drink-derived buffs: only one instance of each of these buffs can be active, and they are unaffected by other types of buffs. The special-effect buffs are "Adrenaline Rush", "Oil of Garlic", "Squid Ink Ravioli Buff", "Warrior Energy", "Monster Musk", and "Yoba's Blessing"; the negative buffs are "Burnt", "Darkness", "Frozen", "Jinxed", "Nauseated", "Slimed", "Tipsy" and "Weakness".

For example, drinking an alcoholic beverage makes the player "Tipsy". Drinking another alcoholic beverage replaces the first "Tipsy" effect with a new one (the magnitude remains -1 speed, but the duration is reset). Consuming any other drink or food (including ones with buffs) will not remove the "Tipsy" effect -- at best, +1 Speed buff (e.g., from Coffee) can be used to counteract the -1 Speed.

Buff Duration

Buff durations are specified on the wiki and in-game using real-time minutes and seconds.

Buffs will pause while the game is paused, but they will not pause otherwise even if time is paused (e.g., playing the fishing minigame in singleplayer mode will still result in any buff durations continuing even though time is paused).

Typically, 43 real-time seconds are equivalent to one game hour. (7 real-time minutes are 10 game hours.)

However, time in Skull Cavern runs more slowly: one game hour lasts 54 real-time seconds. (Except in multiplayer games and on Prehistoric Floors, which revert to 43-second hours). So one cup of Coffee, that normally would last for two hours, will only last for one and a half hours in the Skull Cavern.

All buffs are cleared once the player sleeps.

Preventing negative buffs

Immunity and Squid Ink Ravioli mitigate or prevent the application of negative buffs to the player. The Slime Charmer Ring prevents the Slimed effect in particular from being applied. The Sturdy Ring cuts the duration of negative effects that are applied to the player in half.

Available Buffs

Image[2] Name Effect Cause Duration[3]
Farming Skill Icon.png Farming Buff Alters hoe and watering can proficiency by an amount dependent on what was consumed.
Also has an effect on the quality of crops when harvesting.
Consuming various food Varies
Mining Skill Icon.png Mining Buff Alters pickaxe proficiency by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food Varies
Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Buff Alters fishing rod proficiency by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food Varies
Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Buff Alters axe proficiency by an amount dependent on what was consumed.
Also has an effect on the number of drops when shaking berry bushes.
Consuming various food Varies
Attack Buff.png Attack Buff Alters Attack.png Támadás by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food Varies
Defense Buff.png Defense Buff Alters Defense.png Védelem by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food Varies
Max Energy Buff.png Max Energy Buff Increases the player's Max Energy.png Max Energy by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food or Green Tea Varies
Luck Buff.png Luck Buff Increases Luck.png Szerencse by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food or Ginger Ale Varies
Magnetism Buff.png Magnetic Radius Buff Alters Magnetism.png magnetic radius by an amount dependent on what was consumed. Consuming various food Varies
Speed Buff.png Speed Buff Speed.png Sebesség (+1) Consuming various food or drink (Coffee or Espresso) Varies
Monster Musk Buff.png Monster Musk Buff Your scent makes you irresistible to monsters
Doubles the enemies encountered.
Consuming Monster Musk Time Icon.png 10m
Oil of Garlic Buff.png Fokhagymaolaj állapothatás Your skin exudes a pungent aroma
Prevents infested floors, swarms, and, in the Mines, all enemies.
Does not work in dangerous Mines or Skull Cavern.
Fokhagymaolaj fogyasztásával Time Icon.png 10p
Squid Ink Ravioli Buff.png Squid Ink Ravioli Buff You are immune to debuffs Consuming Squid Ink Ravioli Time Icon.png 3m
Tipsy.png Tipsy Speed.png Sebesség (−1) Consuming alcohol (Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, or Wine) Time Icon.png 30s
Speed Buff.png Adrenaline Rush Speed.png Sebesség (+2) Killing an enemy while wearing a Savage Ring Time Icon.png 3s
Combat Skill Icon.png Warrior Energy Attack.png Támadás (+10) Killing an enemy while wearing a Warrior Ring Time Icon.png 5s
Yoba's Blessing.png Yoba's Blessing Invincibility Being hit by an enemy while wearing a Ring of Yoba Time Icon.png 5s
Burnt.png Burnt Attack.png Támadás (−3)Defense.png Védelem (−3)Speed.png Sebesség (−2) Being hit by a Magma Sparker Time Icon.png 6s
Darkness.png Darkness Darkness clouds your vision, making it difficult to see
Makes the screen go almost completely dark.
Being hit by a Shadow Sniper Time Icon.png 5s
Frozen.png Frozen Speed.png Sebesség (−8) Being hit by a Skeleton Mage Time Icon.png 2s
Jinxed.png Jinxed Defense.png Védelem (−8) Being hit by a Shadow Shaman's fireball Time Icon.png 8s
Nauseated.png Nauseated Urgh... You're too sick to eat anything
Also applies to drinks. This can be cured by eating Ginger or drinking Ginger Ale.
Being hit by a Putrid Ghost Time Icon.png 2m
Slimed.png Slimed Speed.png Sebesség (−4) Being hit by a Slime Time Icon.png 2.5-3s
Weakness.png Weakness Attack.png Támadás (−20) Being hit by a Blue Squid's orb Time Icon.png 10s


  • There are two unimplemented buffs in the game code: Confusion and Stupefied, their descriptions being respectively You feel dizzy... and You can't remember how to use any special moves.[4] Four buffs icons are also unused.[2]


  • The Squid Ink Ravioli buff doesn't prevent the Tipsy debuff.
  • The Squid Ink Ravioli buff doesn't remain active if another food with a buff is consumed later. However, the special buff icon is still shown.
  • The Burnt debuff has a -3 Attack debuff which isn't listed in the icon's hover text.


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  • Sometime between v1.11 and v1.3, a bug was removed that caused the duration of buffs to decrease as the day progressed.
  • 1.5: Added Burnt, Darkness, Frozen, Nauseated, Weakness, Monster Musk, and Squid Ink Ravioli Buffs. The buff indicator now blinks before expiring.