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„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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Ginger Island is located within the Fern Islands archipelago and is the only island in the archipelago that the player can visit. It can be accessed after repairing the boat in the back room of Willy’s Fish Shop. Purchasing a ticket to ride the boat costs data-sort-value="1000">Gold.png1 000g, including the return trip, and is the main way to access the island when the shop is open.

The first time the player rides the boat, a cutscene triggers showing the coast of the region, including some other islands that can be seen on the way. The next time, only the animation of Willy getting on the boat and starting to steer it is shown. The boat arrives at a dock on the island with only a single path leading inland at first, as the rest of the island is closed off. The island is largely inhabited by parrots, which can be offered Golden Walnuts to unlock additional areas or features. Ginger Island is rather unique amongst the player-visitable areas of Stardew Valley because similar to the Greenhouse, the current season does not affect which crops can be planted and grown on the island, and nor does the current season affect which fish can be caught there.

The player can return to Stardew Valley at any time for free by entering the boat on the southern beach. They will usually arrive back inside the Fish Shop, except on festival days when the path back to the Farm is blocked, in which case the player will be deposited to the Bus Stop instead. If the festival is held on The Beach, the player will be deposited on the bridge leading to the beach south of Pelican Town.

Déli sziget

This is the area where the player first lands. It contains the dock, a small beach with the ruins of a building, and three paths each leading to the other island areas -- Island East, North, and West. Additionally, the warp location for a Warp Totem: Island or Island Obelisk is located in this part of the island. Warping to the island is the only way to access it when Willy's shop is closed.

At first, only the path to the Island East is available, as two large turtles block the paths to Island North and Island West. The player must follow Leo who appears and runs into the jungle in Island East. Interactions in Leo's hut will remove the turtle blocking the northern exit, and upon returning to the beach a Magma Sprite appears and leads the player north to the Volcano. The turtle blocking the path to Island West can be removed by paying the nearby parrot 10 Golden Walnuts.


After the island farmhouse to the west is repaired, the ruins can be rebuilt into a beach resort for 20 Golden Walnuts. From then on a random subset of villagers from Pelikán Város will arrive at 11:00 AM and leave at 6:00 PM each non-raining day that isn't a festival day. The player can open/close the resort for the following day with the toggle located between the two doors of the changing room.

After opening the beach resort, Gus will run a bar on the days when he visits.

Image Name Description Price
Piña Colada.png
Piña Colada Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. data-sort-value="600">Gold.png600g
Beer Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. data-sort-value="500">Gold.png500g
Pale Ale.png
Pale Ale Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. data-sort-value="1000">Gold.png1 000g
Mead Egy erjesztett ital, ami mézből készült. Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. data-sort-value="800">Gold.png800g
Cranberry Candy.png
Cranberry Candy Elég édes ahhoz, hogy elrejtse a keserű gyümölcs ízét. data-sort-value="400">Gold.png400g
Gold Quality Icon.png
Mango Wine Csak mértékkel fogyaszd. data-sort-value="5000">Gold.png5 000g
Tropical Curry.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Tropical Curry Recipe Egy recept, amiből ez készíthető: Tropical Curry data-sort-value="2000">Gold.png2 000g

Délkeleti sziget

This area is unlocked by building the Island Beach Resort, which clears the debris east of the dock. It contains a star-shaped tide pool, a large rock offshore, and a hidden pirate's cove.


Catching the Gourmand Statue

The Pirate Cove can be accessed at the east side of Island Southeast through a hidden entrance east of the star-shaped pool. The player can enter the cove at any time to fish in the pool at its southeast or in the small pools near its entrance. These are the only locations in the game where the Stingray can be caught. In addition to the fish shown in the Fishing section below, the player can catch a Gourmand Statue.png Falánk szobor, which initially appears as a present box when caught.

Pirates visit the cove after 8pm on non-rainy even-numbered days of the season. If the player is inside the cove before 8pm on a day when pirates come visiting, the player is automatically removed from the cave and placed outside its entrance, ending any current activity there. The player can, however, reenter the cove. While pirates are visiting, the player can play Darts to win Golden Walnuts. (There are no rewards after the first three times the player wins a game.) There is also a bar where any player who is wearing a Pirate Hat, Eye Patch, or Deluxe Pirate Hat is given Mead once a day.

In Winter, Jellyfish similar to those appearing at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies festival may be seen in the southmost pool, but they cannot be caught.


The mermaid and stones, all of which only appear on rainy days.

On rainy days a Mermaid will appear on the large rock by the shore. If the player places Flute Blocks and tunes them to play the Mermaid's song, she will reward them with 5 Golden Walnuts.

To play the Mermaid's song, place a Flute Block on top or below each set of stones on the shore, then tune each block by the amount of stones. A large stone symbolizes 5, and a small stone symbolizes 1. After tuning all 5 blocks, simply run past each one from left-to-right.

Stone Tuning Key 
Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5
Mermaid stone 1.png
Mermaid stone 2.png
Mermaid stone 3.png
Mermaid stone 4.png
Mermaid stone 5.png
1 Click 10 Clicks 8 Clicks 4 Clicks 6 Clicks
2 Clicks 11 Clicks 9 Clicks 5 Clicks 7 Clicks

Keleti sziget

This area is reached by walking east from the dock on Island South. It contains a jungle where Fiddlehead Ferns can spawn, and a hut where a boy named Leo lives with a talking parrot. This parrot will give the player hints as to how many Golden Walnuts they have left to find in areas. Outside of the hut is a Banana Shrine.


A hidden path to the east in the jungle leads to an area with a shrine and four pedestals. The entrance is one square south of the parrot express kiosk and all the way to the east. Each pedestal has an image carved in stone in front of it that corresponds to a section of the island. Interacting with the shrine shows the following message:

"When dark clouds cry, begin your quest
To seek the fabled gem-birds four
Each day, one north, south, east, or west
Arrange their gifts upon my door"

On rainy days, a single Gem Bird appears in one randomly-selected region of the island (north, south, east, or west). Approaching the Gem Bird causes it to fly away, dropping a gemstone as it does so. The player must collect this gemstone and place it on the bird statue at the shrine that corresponds to the island region in which the Gem Bird appeared.

Gem Birds always appear in at the specific location for their associated island region:

  • North: South of the Island Field Office Tent.
  • East: In the middle of the path in the jungle towards Leo's hut.
  • South: To the southwest of the beach near the docks.
  • West: West across the river from the farm, east of Birdie's Hut, at the pond.

The arrangement of the pictures and pedestals corresponds to the traditional compass rose, with north at the top (volcano: north, waves: south, palm tree: east, heart: west). There are five possible gems: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, and Topaz. When all 4 pedestals have been filled correctly, the shrine activates and gives the player 5 Golden Walnuts.


  • The weather on the island does not correspond to the weather in Stardew Valley. TV weather forecasts show the daily forecast for Ginger Island beginning the day after the player first visits the island.
  • A Rain Totem can be used while on the island to force the birds to appear the next day.
  • Birds will still appear and drop additional gems even after the puzzle has been solved. The puzzle reward occurs only once per save file, although the statues may still (incorrectly) display plus signs while the player is holding a valid gem near one.
  • There are five types of gem bird, each leaving its own type of gem. Of these five, four are randomly selected and assigned randomly to the compass direction where they will appear. Random selection and assignment is accomplished once per save file and is in place before the player first visits Ginger Island on a rainy day.
  • The gems placed do not need to be the same ones dropped by the birds - a gem of the correct type from any source will work. Further, a bird need not even be approached; The gems can be guessed (there are 2, 6, 24, or 120 possible combinations depending on how many birds have been approached so far).

Sziget, észak

This area includes everything reached by walking north from the docks on Island South.

Island Trader

Island Trader

Fő cikk: Island Trader

The Island Trader is a bluebird merchant who runs a trading stand in Island North. The merchant's parrot is unlocked by building the Island Farmhouse. Trading is then unlocked when the player gives the parrot 10 Golden Walnuts.

The trader has a rotating stock of island-themed items, not available by purchase with any currency, but only by barter in exchange for other items. Barter items are obtained by Foraging, many of which are types found on Ginger Island. Among the exclusive trade items are many types of Furniture that have island-based themes. The Galaxy Soul item is subject to some availability restrictions.

Dig Site

West of the Island Field Office is a broken bridge which can be repaired by parrots in exchange for 10 Golden Walnuts. Once repaired, it leads to the Dig Site, an area similar to the Quarry. Rocks, Bone Nodes, Clay Nodes, and Mahogany Tree seeds have a chance of spawning there every day.

East of the stairs north of the Dig Site is the Ginger Island Mushroom Cave. Initially, there is a boulder blocking the entrance, and someone behind it is calling for help. Place any bomb to remove the boulder, thus freeing Professor Snail and unlocking the Island Field Office. The cave spawns random new mushrooms every day. Unlike the farm's cave, its mushrooms grow directly on the ground, so players benefit from the Gatherer or Botanist professions when collecting them.

Island Field Office

Island Field Office

Fő cikk: Island Field Office

The Island Field Office tent is found in the north central region of Island North, on the way towards the volcano. The office remains empty until Csiga professzor is rescued from the Mushroom Cave at the Dig Site. Thereafter, the player may donate fossils and answer the Island Survey, in return for various rewards.

Vulkán kazamata

Fő cikk: Vulkán kazamata

At the farthest north is a volcano dungeon with ten levels, eight of which are randomly generated similar to the Skull Cavern. The fifth level has a shop, and at the tenth and last level is the Forge, where tools and weapons can be upgraded using Cinder Shards.

To access the dungeon, a watering can is required to make a path through the lava. This path does not persist between days and must be remade to cross again. After the player reaches the Forge and unlocks the door needed to exit (west of the Forge, east of the starting area), a parrot will perch near the lava river offering to unlock a permanent bridge in exchange for 5 Golden Walnuts.

The lava river in the starting area can be followed to the left to find a hidden exit. The exit leads to the river north of the dig site, where the player can find 2 Golden Walnuts.

Nyugati sziget

This area includes everything reached by walking west from the docks on Island South. The entrance to this area is initially blocked by a sleeping turtle, which can be wakened by giving a nearby parrot 10 Golden Walnuts. This parrot will only appear after the first parrot in Leo's house has received its own Golden Walnut.

The area is divided north to south by a river which may be crossed over any one of three plank bridges. The Farm, Gourmand Frog, Parrot Express, and Shipwreck are to its east, while the Pond, Birdie's Hut, Green Whack-A-Mole, Qi's Walnut Room, Tiger Slime Grove, and Colored Crystals Puzzle are to its west.

Island West contains 847 plantable tiles which are accessible in normal gameplay:

  • 757 on the main farmland
  • 55 on the big chunk of land west of the river
  • 31 on the patches of land around the pond
  • 4 on a small patch of land by the Parrot Express, north of the farm.

There are also 33 tiles above Qi's Walnut Room, which are inaccessible without using chairs to leave the map.

A Farm

There is a large area where crops can be planted. Initially it is covered in logs, stones, and weeds just like the Stardew Valley farm is when the player first arrives. Sprinklers can be placed here and fruit trees can be planted. Crows won't spawn on this farm either, so Scarecrows aren't necessary. Just like with the Üvegház, any crop can be grown on the Ginger Island farm regardless of the season.

There is a dilapidated farmhouse that the parrots will repair in exchange for 20 Golden Walnuts. It's a 4 room house with a kitchen and one Tropical Bed per farmer on the save file. It comes with a shipping bin. Once the house is ready, the parrots will build a mailbox for an additional 5 Golden Walnuts and a Farm Obelisk after that for 20 Golden Walnuts.

Falánk béka

After the parrots repair the Island Farmhouse, a cave appears in the northeast corner of the island farm. In it is the Gourmand Frog who reminisces about days when specific crops were growing on the farm and asks the player to grow them. Once they're grown, return to him to receive Golden Walnuts.

This is a farming task.
The Gourmand Frog asks the player to grow three crops, one crop at a time: first Melon, then Wheat, then Garlic. For each crop, grow at least one plant on the Island Farm until it is mature, but do not harvest it. Interact with the frog and tell it the crop is ready. That triggers a cutscene in which the frog gives the player 5 Golden Walnuts but does not take the crop. The crops can be grown at any time, including all at once, but each plant must be presented to the frog in the order of the requests.
Birdie's Shack

Birdie's Shack

On the west side of the beach there is a shack which is where Birdie lives. Upon meeting her she will give the player the quest "A kalóz feleség". After the quest is complete, she no longer has any quests, but will speak with the player.

Green Whack-A-Mole

Green Whack-a-Mole

There is a green Duggy moving from hole to hole, which can be "whacked" with the watering can for 1 Golden Walnut. The player can also cover three of the holes with placeable objects, and hit the mole with an axe or pickaxe.


On the southeast part of the beach, below the farm area, there is a shipwreck which the player can enter to collect a Golden Walnut. When speaking to Birdie for the first time, she explains that her husband was the captain of the ship.

Tiger Slime Grove

North of the pond is a small grove. Mahogany trees will grow there, and several Tiger Slimes will spawn each day.

Colored Crystals Puzzle

Colored Crystals Puzzle

This puzzle is found in a cave northeast of the Tiger Slime Grove.

Upon entering the cave, click on the lion to initiate a game of Simon Says. The game gets faster every round, having 5 rounds in total. Winning the game yields three Golden Walnuts. If any round is failed, the game will restart at round 1. After every failed attempt, the game will slightly slow down.

Titkos diószoba

Fő cikk: Qi úr titkos diószobája

A room accessible by getting a total of 100 Golden Walnuts. Inside is a Perfection Tracker, a Special Order Board similar to the one in Pelikán Város, and a Vending Machine that sells items in exchange for Qi Gems.

The Beach

On the southwest side of the beach there are tide pools where Sea Urchins and Coral can spawn. The southeast features mussel rocks which can be mined for Mussels (and 5 hidden Golden Walnuts).


Papagáj Express

The Parrot Express is a site-to-site transportation system on the island that can take the player to and from any of five sites: Volcano, Farm, Dig Site, Jungle, and Docks. The Dig Site is unavailable to the express until the bridge to the site has been repaired, after which its inclusion is automatic.

To unlock the express, the player must pay 10 Golden Walnuts to the parrots stationed at the "farm" location. That site is north of the Island Farm, up the stairs and through the dense trees. This Island West location implies that the site cannot be reached nor the express activated until all four compass directions are open for travel on the island.

When the player selects a travel location at an express station, an animation shows the player walking into a small structure that two parrots then lift with vines. The player then appears in the selected location with no further animation.


Island North

All Seasons Icon.pngMinden 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 00 01
Midnight Carp.png Éjfél ponty
Blue Discus.png Kék diszkoszhal
Tilapia.png Tilápia

Island South & Southeast

All Seasons Icon.pngMinden 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 00 01
Pufferfish.png Gömbhal Csak napos napon
Flounder.png Lepényhal
Lionfish.png Oroszlánhal
Super Cucumber.png Szuper uborka
Tuna.png Tonhal

Pirate Cove

All Seasons Icon.pngMinden 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 00 01
Pufferfish.png Gömbhal Csak napos napon
Flounder.png Lepényhal
Stingray.png Rája
Super Cucumber.png Szuper uborka
Tuna.png Tonhal

Island West

Ne feledje, hogy Gyömbér szigetre nyugatra kétféle víz létezik: édesvíz és óceán. A folyó legdélibb deszkahídja a kettő elválasztója. Az óceán nyugatra és délre található; a tó és a folyó a legdélibb deszkahídtól északra édesvíz.

All Seasons Icon.pngMinden 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 00 01
Pufferfish.png Gömbhal Óceán Csak napos napon
Flounder.png Lepényhal Óceán
Lionfish.png Oroszlánhal Óceán
Octopus.png Polip Óceán
Super Cucumber.png Szuper uborka Óceán
Tuna.png Tonhal Óceán
Midnight Carp.png Éjfél ponty Édesvízi
Blue Discus.png Kék diszkoszhal Édesvízi
Tilapia.png Tilápia Édesvízi

The Forge

Fő cikk: Forge

Lava Eels and Trash can be caught at any time of day. One 'Physics 101' painting can also be caught.



  • Colored Gems in the cave puzzle are reminiscent of Singing Stones, a piece of furniture obtained by donating 21 Minerals to the Museum.
  • There's a pair of pirates fighting in the Pirate Cove that are a reference to the Mario Bros.
  • Jellyfish similar to those seen at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies festival often appear in the water after 6:00 pm, but only in Winter and when it is not raining.
  • The mermaid's puzzle can be solved with only one Flute Block. By using caution when tuning it, it can be triggered, removed, placed at the next spot, tuned, and played again, until all 5 notes are played.


  • 1.5: Introduced.