Csiga professzor

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Csiga professzor
Professor Snail.png

Szülinap Unknown
Itt lakik Ginger Island
Cím Island Field Office
Házasodhat No
Kedvencek N/A
Robin building.png
„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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„One more cave mushroom salad and I would've gone off the deep end...”
— Professor Snail

Professor Snail lives on Ginger Island and runs the Island Field Office. Initially he is trapped inside a mushroom cave by a large boulder, which is located on the north side of the fossil quarry. After paying data-sort-value="10">Golden Walnut.png 10 Golden Walnuts to the parrots, the player can free him by blowing up the boulder with a bomb or Explosive Ammo (1 hit with a Master Slingshot or 2 hits with a regular Slingshot).

After freeing him, he explains that he has been conducting a survey of the island's flora and fauna for a year. He returns to his tent on Ginger Island, where he accepts donations in exchange for Golden Walnuts.

The cave where he was trapped becomes a mushroom cave, where mushrooms can be foraged by the player.


After freeing Professor Snail from the mushroom cave, he does not leave the Island Field Office desk.


Professor Snail will reward players for donating items to the Island Field Office.

Professor Snail will reward players for correctly answering questions on his Island Survey inside the Island Field Office.


First Meeting 
„Thank you! I thought I was done for... I've been stuck in this cave for months!

...One more cave mushroom salad and I would've gone off the deep end... *shudder* ...so rubbery...

Anyway... I'm Professor Snail. I've been conducting a survey of this island's flora and fauna for the last year. Truly a remarkable place! Well, I think I'll go back to my tent and freshen up a little. I'm afraid I smell like mushrooms...

Hey... you should stop by the tent sometime! An enterprising individual like yourself could be a major asset in my projects... hee hee! Farewell.”

Field Office Quest 

Quest Introduction

„Ah... Come in! Welcome to my field office.

As you can see... it's quite empty. Getting stuck in that cave was a huge setback to my project. But that's where you come in! Hee hee...

I'm in the bone business, you see... Ancient bones, in particular... And this island is full of them. So if you ever encounter any bones, fossils, or mummified specimens on this island, bring them to my desk, okay? I'll make it worth your while!”


„My research suggests that a species of frog once lived on this island. They would've inhabited a dark, damp area, with lots of vegetation...”
„Long ago, a rare species of cave-bat made their home here. The evidence suggests they were adapted to tolerate intense heat. Interesting, huh?”
„Hmm... My nose is telling me that snake spines might be found in the western region of the island.”
„If you see something wiggling in the dirt, make sure to excavate it. You never know what might be under there!”
„Before I got stuck in that cave, I was exploring the little gully nearby. The stones there are full of fossils! If I were you, I'd be breaking them open to look for bones.”
„You know, I bet if you did some panning, you could find some interesting stuff in the nearby river.”
„You know, there's some great fishing on this island. From what I know, many of the fish enjoy nibbling on ancient bones...”
„Have you found any golden coconuts on the island? It's rumored that many interesting things can be found inside of them...”

Donation Comments

„Ah... Now this is a truly fascinating piece of natural history! Thank you.”
„Beautiful! These bones are exactly what I'm looking for. Now, let me clean my magnifying lens...”
„You've outdone yourself, [Player]. This is one of the most pristine specimens I've ever seen. Thank you!”

Specimen Completion

„And would you look at that! With this donation, we've got another full set piece completed. I've got a little something waiting for you behind the counter, when you're ready for it!”

Quest Completion

„Wow...Look how far we've come!

The collection looks fantastic, and it's all thanks to you, [Player]. Here, as a way of saying 'thanks', I want to teach you something.

This device will allow you to raise ostriches back home. Just place the incubator in a barn, place an ostrich egg inside, and wait... Getting your hands on an ostrich egg is a different story, though... I'll leave that up to you!

Heh... Well... now the real work begins. I'll be studying these bones for years to come!

Farewell, [Player]!”



  • 1.5: Introduced.