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„Még mindig sok munkám van...”
— Robin

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„If you're reading this, you must be in dire need of a change. The same thing happened to me, long ago. I'd lost sight of what mattered most in life... real connections with other people and nature. So I dropped everything and moved to the place I truly belong.”
— Grandpa's Letter

Grandpa is the first character players are introduced to. He writes a letter gifting the farmhouse, which prompts the player to move to Stardew Valley.

Nagyapa szelleme

The player can find a note on Grandpa's Shrine, at the far Northwest corner of The Farm, which states that Grandpa will return at the start of the third year (1st of Spring, Year 3) to evaluate the player's success.

Nagyapa értékelése

Grandpa's evaluation is directly related to the number of candles that light up around Grandpa's Shrine (there are 4 candles) at the beginning of year three. This is determined by a point system based on various milestones that were reached in the first two years. There are a total of 21 available points.

The player can be re-evaluated at any time by placing a Diamond into Grandpa's Shrine (Grandpa will show up on the following day, after a game load or the first day of the following season in some cases). This means that the opportunity to obtain all four candles is extended beyond the initial two year evaluation.


Total Earnings

Requirement Points Earned Cumulative Points Earned
data-sort-value="50000">Gold.png50 000g 1 1
data-sort-value="100000">Gold.png100 000g 1 2
data-sort-value="200000">Gold.png200 000g 1 3
data-sort-value="300000">Gold.png300 000g 1 4
data-sort-value="500000">Gold.png500 000g 1 5
data-sort-value="1000000">Gold.png1 000 000g 2 7

Player Level

Requirement Points Earned
Have a total of at least 30 levels in Skills. 1
Have a total of at least 50 levels in Skills (reach level 10 in every skill). 1


Achievement Description Points Earned
A Complete Collection Complete the museum collection. 1
Master Angler Catch every fish. 1
Full Shipment Ship every item. 1


Requirement Points Earned
Married with at least two house upgrades (kitchen and nursery). The 3rd upgrade (cellar) is not needed for this milestone. 1
Have a friendship of at least eight hearts with at least five villagers. 1
Have a friendship of at least eight hearts with at least ten villagers. 1
Have a friendship of approximately five hearts (999 points out of 1000) with the pet. 1


Requirement Points Earned
The Community Center is completed. 1
The Community Center completion ceremony has taken place. 2
Skull Key obtained. 1
Rusty Key obtained. 1


A player who attains a score of 12 or higher is rewarded with the Statue Of Perfection, which produces 2-8 Iridium Ore per day. There is no indication made that the statue is available. The shrine must be manually interacted with to receive it. The evaluation has no other effect on the game in any way, and the player may continue playing the game indefinitely.

Shrine Candles Lit

Total Points Candles Lit
0 - 3 1
4 - 7 2
8 - 11 3
12+ 4


  • The actual friendship level required with villagers is slightly below eight hearts (eight hearts requires a relationship value of 2000; the game checks for a value of 1975 or higher). However, it is not possible to view the precise relationship score with a villager in-game. The value can only be observed by checking within the save file.
  • There is currently no in-game way to view the relationship score with the pet. Only one notification pops up at maximum friendship with the pet which says: "<Animal Name> loves you ♡". The value can only be observed by checking within the save file.
  • Turning the Community Center into a Joja Warehouse will prevent the player from earning the points for completing the Community Center and viewing the completion ceremony.
  • If the player gets married on Year 3 Day 1, the marriage cutscene will override the evaluation cutscene and the latter will not play. However, the candles on his shrine will still light up according to Grandpa's rating. The evaluation cutscene will play the next time the player enters their farmhouse.
  • If married to Abigail, she may say "Make sure to keep things tidy around your Grandpa's shrine. There's something special about it, I can feel it."


External Links

Users with access to their saved game files may find the "Stardew Checkup" utility helpful for tracking their progress towards Grandpa's Evaluation. The utility is located at:


  • 1.05: It is no longer necessary to acquire every Stardrop to achieve the maximum score in the evaluation. The evaluation can now be redone by interacting with Grandpa's Shrine. Grandpa's evaluation dialogue is less harsh.
  • 1.5: Added speaking portrait.